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Jay Bharat Spices Pvt. Ltd is considered as one of the leading spice processors in Odisha having four plants and offices in Cuttack(Jagatpur), Odisha. Our spices popularly known as "BHARAT MASALA" has its presence in most of the households of Odisha due to its consistent quality and customer satisfaction. More than 18 years of experience in exploring tastes of consumers across the diversity of Indian culture and cuisine has helped us develop a wide array of spices, blended spices and food products to flavor the test buds of the new Bharat in the making. Our cleaning, processing and storage capabilities are focused towards delivering products with an assurance of purity, hygiene, taste and aroma. The Company has built a robust marketing and sales network in Andhra, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam& N.E. states, UP, Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka etc. Our spices and food products are regularly exported to Dubai, Oman, Malaysia, Kuwait, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Singapore etc.

We are already in expansion mode to augment our production as well as bring about significant improvement in the quality of our spices. An integrated Spices, pasta, noodles and snack food factory is in progress at Ramdaspur, Cuttack, Odisha for which the State Govt. has been pleased to give single window clearance to the project and has allotted Acre 14.0 of land. We are importing Cryogenic plant for spices Grinding through revolutionary cryogenic technology which is latest, state-of- the-art and first of its kind in Eastern India. This technology will ensure quality, purity, Zero contamination and preserve the aroma and natural characteristics of the ingredients.

The Journey

From a small traditional spice grinding unit setup in 1999 with a meagre capital base, today, it is a company having three factories deploying more than 1000 direct and indirect employees at various levels. All along the journey of 18 years, we have been ceaselessly striving towards producing world class spices, condiments and food products which stand tall behind the leading spice brands of India.

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

A man from a small village in Odisha, he started a small spice grinding unit with a meagre capital of few thousand rupees only and in the recent past, the company has three Manufacturing facilities and good brand positioning in the Spices industry. He is none other than Sri. Surendra Nath Panda, Founder and Chairman of M/s Jay Bharat Spices Pvt. Ltd. A man with a positive attitude he believes that one can prosper in business by commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. His unique personality has provided excellence by establishing our Brand at national and international levels. Really, he is a one man army. His presence is a source of inspiration for us.

Movers & Shakers

Mr. Diganta Ku. Panda, Director of Jay Bharat Spices Pvt. Ltd, is a man on the move. A young and dynamic personality who looks after the production and operational aspects of the company, he has an eye for every little detail. He believes that hard work and sincerity can turnaround any difficult situation.

Mrs. Nandita Panda and Mrs. Namita Panda are two other Directors who are actively involved in advertisement, publicity and other image building initiatives.


We manufacture a wide array of Spices, Blended Spices, Pasta, Macaroni, Vermicelli, Pappad, Soya chunks, Atta, Besan, etc. and our product strength is more than 100 items in 500 various packaging sizes.

Our products are manufactured in state of the art manufacturing facility with latest technology. All the machines are automated having least human interference. Therefore, our products are hygienic in nature. After production all the materials are sent to the laboratory for verification of hygienic standards. We have our own laboratory with modern facilities. All the grinding and food making machines are automated and confirm to high standards of purity, consistency and hygiene.


With a robust distributor and dealer network, we have established good market in almost all regions of Odisha, other states and abroad.

  1. East: West Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar and Jharkhand.
  2. North- East: Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura.
  3. North: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Utarakhand.
  4. North-west: Chandigarh, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir.
  5. Central: Chhattisgarh, MP.
  6. West: Maharashtra, Rajasthan. Gujarat.
  7. South: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Pondicherry
  8. Abroad: Dubai, Oman, Malaysia, Kuwait, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Singapore etc


More than 1000 employees are directly and indirectly deployed by our company out of which many are women employees engaged in grinding and packaging sections.

Quality Certifications

Being an ISO 9001-2015, ISO 22000-2005 company, we provide an assurance of quality. Further our company is also HACCP, AGMARK, HALAL and FSSAI certified which guarantees the purity and quality of agriculture and allied products. Our company is a registered member of SPICES BOARD, Cochin, APEDA and Federation of India Export Organisation(FIEO).

Awards & Recognitions

  1. Brand of Odisha, Pride of India: Corporate Excellence Award-2018 was conferred on our company on 19/01/2018 by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Odisha.
  2. The company bagged STATE EXPORT AWARD-2015-16 from the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Odisha on 21/09/2017 for excellence in export.
  3. The National Human Rights Council of India- Odisha State has conferred Award of Excellence -2017 to Sri Surendra Nath Panda, Chairman.
  4. The Odisha Assembly of Small and Medium Enterprises has presented the "Distinguished Achievement Award" to Sri Surendra Nath Panda, Chairman on 11/08/2017.
  5. The prestigious Oriya Daily "The Samaj" has awarded "Gopabandhu Jyoti Samman- 2017" to our company.
  6. The members of PG Doctors' Union 2017-18 of S.C.B. medical college and hospital have felicitated Sri Susanta Kumar Panda, Managing Director of our company for his contribution to various social activities, support to educational institutions and maintaining a healthy working environment for the employees of our company.
  7. KIIMS has awarded "Best Entrepreneur Award 2012" to Sri Surendra Nath Panda, Chairman of our company for being a visionary entrepreneur and establishing a National Brand called "BHARAT MASALA" by his relentless effort and endeavor.


In the preceding 3 years we have achieved impressive scale in terms of Production, Sales and Employment, crossed Indian borders and exported to Nepal, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Oman, UAE etc. We have posted Turnover of Rs. 200 Crore in FY- 2016-17 and Rs. 220 Crore in FY-2017-18. Our new project is likely to go into commercial production by November 2018 and with a spurt in Exports, we are confident of achieving total Turnover of Rs. 400 Crore in FY-2018-19.

CSR Initiatives

While setting our business goals for sustained growth, we have also become increasingly conscious of our social responsibility and duty towards the community we live in. Round the year, we are providing/funding cost of education to under-privileged children, relief during natural disasters, Donations to religious Organizations and Charitable Institutions etc. The company hosts "BHARAT PRATIVA SAMMAN AWARD" every year to felicitate personalities who have achieved excellence in Sports, Games, Education, Culture, Music, Science & Technology, Art etc. The company is constantly encouraging, nourishing and motivating young achievers in the realm of Sports, Music, Education, Culture etc. by sponsoring various events round the year.


To reach the kitchen of every Indian household and abroad with our broad range/variety of Spices, Food items, Pasta. With our relentless focus on quality and hygiene, we have successfully established our market even in remote rural areas of Odisha and other states like Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, U.P. Maharashtra, West Bengal, North east India and abroad. Over the years we have built a strong Brand reputation and emotional connect with our consumers. Despite the challenges and hurdles faced by the spice industry, we have enhanced our Brand Portfolio and ensured high standards of quality of our products by strengthening our manufacturing and R&D capabilities with the aid of state-of-the-art technology and automated plants.


We envison "BHARAT MASALA" as the Taste of New India and look forward to making it a global Brand by reaching the expectations of our esteemed customers. We will strive to build long term relationships with our Customers, Clients, Distributors, Stockists, Dealers, Associates and Employees. Our vision for future is to expand by adding more state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and leverage technology to make our products an established Brand of India.

Way Forward

We look forward to strengthening our distribution reach, focussing on Brand building, sourcing best raw material from authentic production belts of the country, innovating new products and packaging techniques by exploring new technologies and broadening our market presence Pan-India and abroad.

Our Certification

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